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Leaving my husband and child to fend for themselves (...will they starve?...) Carol and I boarded a bus to the Arenal Volcano in Alajuela Province about four hours northeast but a world away in landscape and climate.  Surrounded by mountainous pasture land and rain forests, the massive volcano towers above a sparkling blue lake that spans 33 miles and goes 200 feet deep.

We arrived in La Fortuna, a small but vibrant town which feels far more affluent than our home base of Tamarindo.  After a quick lunch, we headed off to hike the spectacular canyon  and swim in the crystal pool at the base of a waterfall which plunges 200 feet through dense foliage.  My first glimpse of that majestic cascade took my breath away; its thunderous noise commands full attention and awe.  Costa Rica offers constant reminders of the power and spectacle of nature.

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Pat | Reply 19.02.2013 21:09

oh my, the birding must be rather awesome......and every other living thing, butterflies, monkeys, flowers....oh my. And I bet they don't have tornadoes.

Nancy Brier 22.02.2013 06:58

My birding expertise is something like "hey look at that blue one," but they are spectacular and the bird listening is just as good.

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